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Aid For Japan Memories

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In 2023, Aid For Japan announced that after their 12-year anniversary event and a final outing at Doki Doki Japanese Festival in Manchester, the charity would close.

To mark the decision, we have created a special Memorial Page for the charity which features testimonies from the orphans as well as volunteers and the trustees. There is also a brief history of the charity looking at some key moments and celebrating Akemi Tanaka’s foundation of Aid For Japan and its achievements.

In Japan, there is a belief that stages of life are divided into 12 cycles. 2023 marked 12 years since the Earthquake and Tsunami and 12 years since the foundation of the charity. In that time, Aid For Japan has achieved a great deal and seen the young people they have worked with flourish. Trustees and volunteers remain committed to working together on future projects promoting Japanese culture in the UK.

Read more here: https://www.aidforjapan.co.uk/aid-for-japan-memory-book/