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Experience in UK by Kana in 2012

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15th December (Saturday)

We stayed one night at Yukie’s house in Abiko (near Narita airport). Many friends of this family have visited. Everybody was kind and interesting. Children were so cute. This was warm family.

16th December (Sunday)

Move from Narita to London by aircraft.

It took 12 hours. I was a little tired because it took long time. At the airport we met Mr Ibi and camera man from Japanese T.V. company. The retired B.A. pilot kindly drove us to Akemi’s house. Thank you very much.

17th December (Monday)

We visited Buckingham palace, Big Ben, Westminster cathedral, Royal Opera House. At night the light for the Parliament was beautiful. The conversation at McDonald’s was fun, especially Mr Otsuki’s milkshake story who gave me hand cream and chocolate. He is a violinist.

The sightseeing volunteers were all kind, beautiful and pretty ladies. Thank you very much.

We had dinner with Chris and Patricia (mother) at their house. It was very delicious.

Chicken, potato, broccoli sprouts, carrot, green peas, sausage, coffee cake.

I was happy that I have received a lot of gifts. There was a cat.

Akemi’s neighbour Peggy. She is the first person who donated money for us. She is 88 years old. She gave us allowance to spend in U.K. Royal Opera House’s backstage tour.

Ballet was beautiful and amazing. This was rehearsal, but it was very enjoyable.

18th December (Tuesday)

We visited Teddington School.

The atmosphere was different from Japanese school. They seem to be enjoyable and free, not constrained. The lesson subject was different, too. They composed their own music using computer, and drama lesson. We had school’s Christmas lunch and made paper plane. At night there was a welcome party for us.

I have met many people, and they gave me a lot of present. Because of British people’s donation we could come to this country. I am so happy. Thank you very much from bottom of my heart. Peter helped us driving to go to Rotary club of Richmond to greet.

19th December (Wednesday)

We visited Great Ormond Hospital School, and did Christmas cake decoration with students. The children did not look like ill (maybe just surface). I brought Japanese paper crane (Origami).

We went to British museum, Sherlock Holmes Museum.

I enjoyed Winter park (Christmas amusement park). We went to Japanese restaurant for dinner. My dish’s taste was a little strange.

After meal we went to the musical Lion King. I was sleepy and slept a little. But I enjoyed this. Music and songs were good. The colour was beautiful.

From the station we used taxi to home.

20th December (Thursday)

We stayed in Captain’s family house in countryside.

We had lunch and dinner. There was a dog and a cat. It was cold when we did riding, but I enjoyed this. It was lovely house and everybody was kind.

Thank you very much.

21st December (Friday)

Mr and Mrs Ashcroft gave us a lot of present. I was happy.

Especially a stuffed bear is very cute. Thank you!

We came back to London and did sightseeing with Natalie, her partner and James.

The Kings Cross station of Harry Potter was different from what I expected, but it was good. The photo and present were given. We had Christmas Carol near the Thames. It was beautiful and good. We all had dinner at Japanese restaurant Tokyo Diner.

22nd December (Saturday)

We went to Edinburgh.

The British people played Japanese drum (Taiko) at our Welcome party. It was strange. I thought Japanese is more suitable if people play Taiko. But I was happy to see that British people enjoy playing Japanese musical instrument.

The Japanese food at Welcome party was a little odd, but it was good.

Chorus and piano was beautiful and good.

The hotel that we stayed was gorgeous.

23rd December (Sunday)

Happy birthday, my father!

The breakfast at the hotel was delicious.

The sightseeing of Edinburgh castle was not fun, because I am not interested in this.

We had lunch at the famous café where the author of Harry Potter used to write. It was delicious. The master of this café, David, was kind. Atsuko san, Toshie san, and one man, thank you.

24th December (Monday)

Today is Maria’s birthday and Christmas eve. Happy Birthday! 12 years old.

Toy shop, Hamleys was fantastic. There were many people and very busy.

It was enjoyable to go to Harry Potter’s museum, but watching movie was more powerful.

This is the third time to have dinner in Tokyo Diner. At home we had Maria’s birthday cake. Happy Birthday!

25th December (Tuesday)

We went to Mike and Theresa’s house for Christmas lunch. There was a lot of food. We ate Yakitori, Fried shrimp, etc. The lunch was delicious. We made a lot of noise using cracker. They gave me a lot of present. Thank you very much.

We cooked our dinner at Akemi’s house. We made Nikujyaga that was delicious. Hello Kitty’s cake was delicious, too. I accidentally burnt my hair because of candle.

26th December (Wednesday)

We did shopping in Richmond with Mike and Teresa.

We ate Fish & Chips in the pub for lunch. It was oily and the volume was big, but delicious. They bought us clothes, too. They are friendly and nice people.

We had dinner at Ali’s house with his parents and brother. We ate salmon, green peas, chips, ice cream. It was delicious. They gave us a present. Thank you very much for mug cup with chocolate.

This is the last night in U.K. Time has passed so quickly.

27th December (Thursday)

We went back from England to Japan.

English men were, kind, work hard and wonderful.
Everybody is so kind and nice.
Illuminate and lighting is soft and darker than Japan.
The food was better than I expected, healthy and delicate taste.
The illuminate of the town is beautiful. The road is a little dirty.
English fashion is simple.
People look mature, and beautiful ladies and handsome gentlemen. I saw black people a lot.
There are people who like Japan.
The sightseeing volunteers who did sightseeing together were all kind and lovely.
I was happy to know that people exist that like Japan.
I do not know a lot about Japan even I am Japanese. Therefore, I would like to learn more about Japan.

I felt that all English people were kind and nice.
They donated money, invited us for meal, did sightseeing even I am a stranger. I really appreciate their kindness. Thank you very much from bottom of my heart.

Akemi is lovely. She has many friends, and all her friends are nice people. She has her own value of life and clear mind. She can express her feeling, opinion and greeting very well. She taught me that this is important.

This is ordinary thing, but very difficult thing. If I did not meet Akemi, I could not come to U.K. and meet many nice English people. Thank you very much. I really appreciate from bottom of my heart.

I am so happy that I could come to England. I really enjoyed. I am very much looking forward to coming back to U.K. this coming summer. I shall try my best to make myself speaking English better than this time. I shall study hard. It was good that I had many different experiences and met various people.

Although I was glad that I came to U.K., I wonder whether I am a right person or not. There are more people who lost house, family, everything. But if I feel like this, maybe this is not polite to these people.

In my future I would like to be a person like Akemi who does something good for other people.