Aid For Japan : Going Forward

Since the tragic and sudden death of the charity’s founder, Akemi Solloway Tanaka, the trustees are all working hard to plan for the future and direction of Aid For Japan. The charity’s mission to support the orphans of the 2011 … Read More

Akemi Tanaka 1958 – 2021

It is with great sadness that we must announce that after developing cancer, Akemi Tanaka passed away recently. Akemi had been ill for some time, but had made the conscious decision to continue working to promote those ideals that she … Read More

1000 Origami Cranes Gallery

Let’s make origami cranes… In Japanese culture one thousand origami cranes strung together symbolises hope, peace and healing. Here’s some of the beautiful cranes people have made as part of Aid For Japan’s 1000 Origami Cranes initiative. This includes the … Read More

Aid for Japan: 10th Anniversary Testimonials

Recollections, thoughts and memories from 10 years of Aid For Japan… On the 11th March 2011, the Tōhoku region, northeast Japan, was hit by a magnitude 9.0 earthquake. The earthquake and tsunami led to the deaths of around 25,000 people … Read More

Aid For Japan 10th Anniversary

Commemorating ten years… On the 11th March 2011 the east coast of Japan was struck by an undersea earthquake and subsequent tsunami. As well as the loss of life that this devastating event resulted in, hundreds of children also lost … Read More

Aid For Japan’s Ten Year Anniversary Online Cultural Fair

Commemorating Ten Years… With the 11th March 2021 marking the 10th Anniversary since the Great East Japan Earthquake and Tsunami, Aid For Japan decided to host an online cultural fair to commemorate the event. The cultural fair was free and … Read More

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