Summer Residential Course 2013

Aid For Japan staged a Summer residential course in Kiyosato (Japan) with some of the Tsunami orphans at KEEP school.

The project involved several activities, including creating a song in both English and Japanese, learning Japanese and English etiquette and many outdoor activities including hiking.

Our video shows some of the highlights of the course and how the charity is helping the orphans directly.

Summer Residential Course 2014

For 2014's visit to Japan, the activities included a visit to the Yokohama Fireworks Festival (with special seating kindly arranged by the Yokohama Rotary Club), lessons in the English language by Akemi Solloway, how to construct a Japanese round fan and a visit to a marine museum.

The event also featured a beach trip which included the traditional Japanese game of striking a watermelon (suikawari).

This video, Filmed and edited by Miss Cordelia Lawler, offers a window on the activities and support that we provide.