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Aid For Japan in The Telegraph today

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In their coverage of the 5th Anniversary of the 2011 Earthquake/Tsunami, The Telegraph spoke to Aid For Japan founder Akemi Solloway on the challenges facing Maria – one of the many orphans that Aid For Japan supports.

“Like so many of the children we work with, Maria has shown incredible resilience in the face of tragedy. And today, she will go to school as normal, do her homework as normal and do little to acknowledge that another year has passed.”

Maria’s hometown Rikuzentakata is a coastal city in Iwate prefecture which was devastated by the tsunami in 2011. Maria’s immediate family were among 2,000 out of 19,000 residents who lost their lives.

Aid For Japan continues to lend support and care for orphans such as Maria, but this article helps to draw attention of the plight of these children to a wider audience.