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asari collaborates with Aid For Japan

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The Tōhoku based artist asari has shared her latest creation with us at Aid For Japan. The song is quite appropriately called ‘Share’ and contains all the hope, sadness and anxieties of someone who survived the Great East Japan Earthquake and Tsunami of 2011.

asari is a special breed of artist who believes that music can help share the burden of loss and grief that others have felt. Aid For Japan and asari are currently working together to translate her song lyrics into English, so that a whole new audience can listen and understand the song’s meaning.

asari wrote ‘Share’ to express how she still felt inexplicable sorrow for the losses incurred from the 2011 disaster:

Through working with school students on the production of the song ‘Share’, I was moved to learn that many of them were struggling with the responsibility to tell their stories, and, in spite of these uncomfortable feelings, continue to face up to the disaster and participate in disaster prevention activities.

I myself am a survivor of the Great East Japan Earthquake. I have often found myself wondering if I could share my thoughts and feelings with others, to do something to lighten their hearts and offer encouragement. I feel very grateful to the students for allowing me to get back in touch with this feeling.

This is why she published ‘Share’ without taking out any copyright; with the intention that as many people as possible can re-create the song, adapt the score and share the meaning of the lyrics, even beyond Japan.

Aid For Japan are staging an event in London on the 11th anniversary of the Tōhoku earthquake and tsunami, in association with New Earth Theatre, which will include asari’s video and a discussion of how she composed the song. The event will also feature presentations and talks on the aims of the charity and its future goals.

‘Share’ will be released on CD in April.


Aid For Japan 11th Anniversary Event: https://www.eventbrite.co.uk/e/aid-for-japan-11th-anniversary-event-tickets-269539077637