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Welcome Party Report

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At the end of July, Aid For Japan staged a special event to welcome some of the Japanese orphans to the UK.

Aid For Japan has made a point of organising UK visits for the orphans on a regular basis since 2011. For children that have lost their parents, this is an important step that not only broadens their view of the world but also reminds them that the world remembers them.

Some of the charity’s volunteers (Angela, Sei and Paul) started the day off by collecting snacks for the event from the Japan Centre in London. The event itself took place at St John The Baptist in leafy Kingston Vale where a tasty range of barbecued food was available. But there was also a Japanese element to the refreshments with onigiri rice balls and doryaki snacks.

Among the attendees were our 3 young volunteers, David, Alex and Zak, who had spent the summer in Japan helping to raise awareness of the charity.

The volunteers gave a presentation to talk a little about their adventures in Japan, before doing a brief musical performance, which included Beatles cover songs. To finish off, Aid For Japan’s founder Akemi Solloway, did a traditional Japanese dance.

The event helped to raise over £500 towards Aid For Japan’s mission with the costs of the evening greatly reduced by the kind donation of food by David’s parents and Japanese snacks provided by the Japan Centre.

Aid For Japan extends its grateful thanks to David’s parents, the Japan Centre, our volunteers and all of the attendees at the party. If you wish to donate to the charity, please visit our Donations page.