Every year, Aid For Japan organises a special Summer Residential Course in Japan. The course offers a chance for English volunteers to directly support the orphans that the charity was set up to help with a series of activities and events.

This year’s Aid For Japan residential study course for Tsunami orphans and our foreign volunteers will be held at Yakushi-ji temple in Nara prefecture, Japan.

The abbott and monks of this historic temple have very kindly offered their wonderful hospitality to our volunteers and orphans. This is a unique chance to see one of Japan’s most famous temples from the inside.

Yakushi-ji Temple was planned by Emperor Tenmu in A.D. 680 and built in A.D. 697 in Asuka with the support of Emperor Jito. When the Japanese capital moved from Asuka to Nara in A.D. 710, this temple was moved to its present site. Visit the temple website for more information :

On previous courses, the orphans took part in a wide range of activities including recording a song together, visiting an animal shelter that rescued many of the pets lost in the wake of the 2011 Earthquake and also learning about the many cultural differences between the UK and Japan. The courses have also attracted press interest in Japan. You can read our report about the 2014 course here.

We are looking for volunteers for the 2015 event, but also donations to help with the cost of running the course, particularly to cover the expenses involved in transportation for the orphans as well as the costs of the various activities.



If you would like to volunteer, then download our application form here (PDF format) or as a Word Document. Or you can email Aid For Japan via with your details.

Costs from the 2nd–11th August : £1,200 (Including transportation, accommodation, activity including party and food).
Not included: Flight costs and also lunch and dinner from 5th – 11th August.

Please note that all volunteers will need to fund their own flight costs as well as medical expenses and insurance. Volunteers will need to be 18 or over, unless accompanied by a parent or guardian


We welcome all donations to Aid For Japan and donations for the costs of the Summer Residential Course are crucial at this time of year. Please click the image below to submit a donation amount of your choosing and help the orphans in Japan.

The lecturer of Japanese culture, Akemi Solloway Tanaka, will lead this trip. Please visit Akemi’s web site,

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