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Akemi and Tsunagu/Connect

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Akemi Tanaka (the founder of Aid For Japan) features as an interview as part of the Tsunagu/Connect project.

Tsunagu/Connect is a multi-phased, multi-year project that explores the lives of Japanese women living in the UK since 1945. The project began in Spring 2020, and since then has gathered oral histories from over 30 Japanese women. Inspired and informed by these interviews, New Earth Theatre who champion performing arts created by British East and South East Asian (BESEA) artists, have created an immersive theatrical adventure and multi-media exhibition.

Tsunagu/Connect: The Exhibition explores the themes of culture, preconceptions and belonging, revealing the joys and struggles, triumphs and hardships of creating a new life in a foreign land. Featuring personal objects and interactive audio from the women we interviewed, this exhibition is an intimate glimpse into the worlds of these women and poses a vital question: 

“What price must we pay to create a third space, neither one nation nor the other, where we finally have room to be ourselves?”

The Tsunagu/Connect exhibition was on display at the London Metropolitan Archives and artsdepot in London in Spring 2022. The theatre experience Tsunagu/Connect Live was performed at the Shoreditch Town Hall in April 2022.

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