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Retrospective Blue Tiles

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Kensuke Nakata is a third year student at Central School of Saint Martins, studying ceramics. Recently, Kensuke embarked on a project called Retrospective Blue Tiles to raise money and awareness for Aid for Japan.

“As a ceramic artist, I am interested in raising awareness and send my messages through my architectural ceramics” comments Kensuke, “I like to keep commenting on social issues or sending uplifting messages and I believe that architectural ceramics (tiles) are highly effective means of creating impact across a wide expanse. My motto is ‘The great end of life is not knowledge but action’ (Thomas Henry Huxley 1825-95).”

The ceramic Retrospective Blue Tiles, which are designed to be wall mounted, are visually striking and Kensuke explained a little about how they were produced: “This design approach is the result of a gradual process of abstraction like Art Nouveau tiles. I started with the actual water ripple and pared away inessential detail until only the most characteristic circle lines were left. These two positive and negative tiles help to accentuate the façade, a visually striking element of any walls”.

The concept of the tiles are designed so that people should not forget about the 2011 tragedy. “In terms of how we contemplate and perceive the victims” adds Kensuke, “I aim to achieve a feeling of calm, quiet and nostalgia.”

You can read more about Kensuke Nakata here and the tiles are available to order via the Made In Arts London website here. A percentage of all sales will be donated to Aid For Japan.