The History Of The Kimono

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Exploring the history and tradition of Japanese clothing. The Japanese word kimono (着物) translates to “thing to wear” (着 ki “wear” and 物 mono “thing”) but this simple definition is eclipsed by the many different variations and styles that the … Read More

Orphans In The UK

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Part of Aid For Japan’s mission is to reach out to some of the orphans from the tragic events of 2011. While the charity aims to connect with these children through the annual summer residential courses, it’s also beneficial for … Read More

Orphans Welcome Party

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A reminder that tomorrow sees Aid For Japan hosting a special Welcome Party for the orphans visiting the UK. During this evening event 3 of our volunteers, who have been in Japan raising funds and promoting the charity, will be … Read More

A Visit To Kyoto

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Our three volunteers in Japan, David, Alex and Zak, continue their adventures as they visit Kyoto. Among the activities that the team undertook was a visit to Nijo Castle, a manga museum, Kyoto tower and a zen garden. The reports … Read More

Fundraising in Osaka

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As part of our volunteers visit to Japan, David, Alex and Zak took part in a fundraising event in Osaka. Prior to this, the boys took the opportunity to visit Osaka castle to enjoy both its history as well as … Read More

Beaches, Museums and Aubergines

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Our three volunteers in Japan, David, Alex and Zak, continue their adventures – which included a trip to the historic Himeji Castle. For their most recent report, the boys visited a beach before making a museum trip – which featured … Read More

Aid For Japan at HiiroCon 2016

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Hiirocon is one of the more recent anime conventions to become established in the UK. Based in Reading, the event based its title around the Japanese term for the colour of fire hiiro. Aid For Japan were kindly given a … Read More

Volunteers In Japan

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This summer, Aid For Japan will be bringing some of the orphans of the 2011 tsunami/earthquake to the UK. As part of this plan, three young volunteers have flown out to Japan as part of a mission to help raise … Read More

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