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Kimono & Culture Evening

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Aid For Japan staged a special Kimono & Culture Evening on 30th October in Richmond…

The successful event not only offered attendees the opportunity to learn about the kimono, but also treated to sushi and sake against a background of traditional Japanese music.

Kimono is a key part of Japanese culture and communication. For this event, Akemi Solloway was on hand to explain the differences in formality and season of the kimono styled and dressed by Elizabeth Hitchins.

The broad variety of kimono styles and uses was illustrated by an introduction to the likes of the houmongi, which is formal visiting wear and furisode – worn by younger unmarried women and featuring the iconic longer swinging sleeves.

Yukata are worn mostly during the summer months at festivals and remain the most commonly work kimono in modern Japan. Yukata are fun, bright and easy to take care of. One of the lucky attendees also won a brand new yukata (kindly donated by Uniqlo) in our charity raffle.

Men’s kimono were also featured, including the formal hakama, which is worn throughout a man’s life on different formal occasions. The patterns change, but the format stays roughly the same.

Traditional Japanese music also featured on the night with performances on the shakuhachi (Japanese flute) courtesy of Justin Senryu.

The event also saw a thoughtful presentation by two of our youngest volunteers, who this summer went to Japan for Aid For Japan’s annual summer course.

Meanwhile, Yuma Sushi, who are based in Richmond themselves, provided fresh, handmade sushi for everyone attending.

The Kimono & Culture Evening helped stimulate interest in Japanese culture, but also served to raise awareness for Aid For Japan with all proceeds from the evening going to the charity.

Photography by Pat Lyttle (http://jstreetstyle.blogspot.co.uk/)

Thanks to UniQlo, Yuma Sushi, Justin Senryu and our volunteers. Thanks also to Pat Lyttle for his photography on the night. Special thanks also to all the attendees who helped support Aid For Japan!