Aid For Japan’s work is supported by volunteers and fundraisers from a broad range of backgrounds who selflessly give up their time to help.

The combination of different skills and abilities helps to make Aid For Japan a more effective organisation in helping the orphans in Japan. Plus, you get to join a team of friendly and enthusiastic people all working for a great cause.


Help Aid For Japan by raising funds for the charity directly. Whether it’s a sponsored run or a pub quiz, it all helps to raise money for a vital cause - helping the orphans in Japan. Visit our Fundraising page for more details.


Aid For Japan is always looking for enthusiastic volunteers to help out at our busy schedule of events throughout the year. This could be by lending particular skills, such as photography or assisting in art activities. But we also need people to help on our tables or to hand out flyers at events.
Visit our Volunteers page for more details.


Aid For Japan is supported by donations that help to fund the charity's initiatives and programmes that support the orphans in Japan. Without these vital funds the charity would be unable to run its annual Summer Residential Courses or pursue the programmes that support the children still struggling after the 2011 earthquake/tsunami. This is your opportunity to help make a difference. Visit our Donations page to see how you can make a difference.