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Beaches, Museums and Aubergines

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Our three volunteers in Japan, David, Alex and Zak, continue their adventures – which included a trip to the historic Himeji Castle.

For their most recent report, the boys visited a beach before making a museum trip – which featured exhibits associated with the general area of hyogo. The museum also featured old computers set up with a catalogue of 80s TV programs about things such as bow making, salt factories and of course Himeji castle.

However, their adventures ran into trouble when they inadvertently got off on the wrong station back to their host family’s house. How the boys made it home – with the help of an aubergine – is something that you will need to read in their own words in their latest report.

This summer, Aid For Japan will be bringing some of the orphans of the 2011 tsunami/earthquake to the UK.

As part of this plan, our three young volunteers have flown out to Japan as part of a mission to help raise funds for the charity – and also raise awareness of its goals. David, Alex and Zak (who are all in their teens) will be tracking their progress on a special blog which will have regular updates on their travels. Once their visit to Japan is complete, David, Alex and Zak will be returning to the UK on the same plane as the orphans.

Read about David, Alex and Zak’s travels here: https://aidforjapansummerblog.wordpress.com/