6th Anniversary Event

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On 11th March 2011, a disaster unlike any seen in modern times swept across Japan, claiming almost 20,000 lives and creating over 300,000 refugees in the Tohoku region. Among these were 236 children who lost everything – their homes and … Read More

The History Of The Kimono

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Exploring the history and tradition of Japanese clothing. The Japanese word kimono (着物) translates to “thing to wear” (着 ki “wear” and 物 mono “thing”) but this simple definition is eclipsed by the many different variations and styles that the … Read More

Orphans in the UK : Alex’s Story

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When the orphans recently visited the UK, they were accompanied by some of Aid For Japan’s volunteers – who had done an amazing job in Japan earlier this year in helping to raise awareness of the charity. One of these … Read More

Orphans In The UK

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Part of Aid For Japan’s mission is to reach out to some of the orphans from the tragic events of 2011. While the charity aims to connect with these children through the annual summer residential courses, it’s also beneficial for … Read More

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