Aid For Japan at MCM London Comic Con

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To raise awareness for the charity, Akemi Solloway and volunteers from Aid For Japan are a regular sight at many events across London and the UK.

On the 24th May the team stopped off at the hugely popular MCM London Comic Con. The event saw 122,000 visitors attending over the three days of the event – which plays host to everything from movies, videogames and comic books to anime, manga and cosplay.

Akemi and the team handed out flyers to let people know about the work Aid For Japan is doing for the orphans in Japan.

Little Dom’s Big Adventure

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Little Dom’s Big Adventure involveds a motorbike journey from the UK to Japan to help raise funds and awareness for Aid For Japan. Ahead of setting off on his journey, Dominic Farwell-Cooke was the focus of an Aid For Japan event at the Daiwa Foundation earlier this month to see him off.

The evening started off with a talk by Aid For Japan founder Akemi Solloway and followed up by Dom explaining in more detail what his endeavour will entail.

The journey (which is entirely self-funded by Dom) will be tracked by 4 cameras that he will be taking with him. The plan is to upload regular video updates as his journey progresses, internet access permitting. Talking a little about the inspiration behind the journey, Dom commented that it was inspired in part by a photo taken of Earth on one of the Apollo moon missions, reminding him that everyone who has lived, is currently living and will live in the future was on that blue orb in the sky. “It’s important to me to help other people” Dom added.

Dom has been keen to keep the costs down as much as possible for his venture, opting for a tent to spend the nights and also taking a very compact toolkit to help maintain the bike.

“It’s important to me to help other people”

During the evening, attendees were also treated to a sake tasting session courtesy of Tengu Sake and sushi care of Tanpopo Japanese Food. Entertainment was also provided via the music of renowned international cellist Kosato Nishihata. We’re also pleased to report that the event was a resounding success and actually sold out on the day.

Supported by his friends and family at the event, Dom was also happy to announce that his donation pledges had already topped £1,000. The journey itself begins on 3rd May and Dom estimates it will take about 3 months to complete.

Aid For Japan would like to thank Tengu Sake, Tanpopo Japanese Food and Kosato Nishihata for their generous assistance. Thanks also to photographer Bhupendra Jethwa for taking photos at the event.

You can follow Dom’s progress via these sites:


Summer Course 2014

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Aid For Japan at Collectionaires

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In the run up to Christmas, Aid For Japan was kindly invited to partake in a day of Japanese culture at a special pop-up shop in London’s fashionable district of Chelsea by Collectionaires.

Collectionaires offers an exclusive selection of luxury clothing and accessories for women. Their choice of over 200 styles is carefully selected from the collections of some of the top fashion designers in Japan.

Sam Sake offered a wonderful selection of drinks – as well as a quick education on the different grades of sake…


Aid For Japan founder, Akemi Solloway, offered attendees the opportunity to indulge in the art of the Japanese Tea ceremony and kimono dressage – a refreshing break from a day’s shopping!

Meanwhile, the basement area of the shop was transformed into a sake bar, with Sam Sake offering a wonderful selection of drinks, as well as a quick education on the different grades of sake. All funds raised were generously donated to Aid For Japan.

To complete the experience, nail artist Kitsune provided beautiful nail art ranging from the subtle and sophisticated to hyper-Japan kawaii (cute) designs.

The day not only provided an opportunity for people to learn more about Aid For Japan and its aims and goals, but also explore the latest Japanese fashions and indulge in some of the most popular forms of Japanese culture. We were delighted with the enthusiasm and curiosity of all who came and are confident that there will be more events where that came from in the very near future!

Aid For Japan offers its sincere gratitude to Kevin House of Collectionaires and to Kasia Hitchcock of Sam Sake.

Photos by David Griffiths

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