Aid For Japan & JICEF Fundraiser

Aid For Japan & JICEF Fundraiser

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On 11th March 2011, a disaster unlike any seen in modern times swept across Japan, claiming almost 20,000 lives and creating over 300,000 refugees in the Tohoku region. Among these were 236 children who lost everything – their homes and their family all in one day.

On the 3rd July 2017, Aid For Japan in partnership with the Japan International Cultural Exchange Foundation (JICEF) will be staging a Japanese Culture event in London to raise awareness of the charity and also raise funds.

JICEF is a Japanese-based initiative whose mission is to encourage cultural building through international exchange activities. You can read more about their projects on their website:

This event will serve as an introduction to Japanese culture, including martial arts display, Japanese food, Zen meditation, the art of the kimono and the traditional Japanese Tea Ceremony.

The team at Battodo Fudokan will be presenting the martial arts demonstration. Founded by John Evans, the Fudokan dojo trains students in Japanese sword techniques. Nakamura Ryu Battodo is a distillation of traditional Japanese swordsmanship developed by one of the most respected swordsmen of the 20th Century. Kurikara Ryu Heiho is a comprehensive system of external and internal training that breaks down the obstacles in mind and body that inhibit natural and spontaneous wielding of the sword. Read more about their work on their website:

Aid For Japan founder Akemi Solloway will give a presentation on the charity’s work, particularly the plan to bring some of the orphans to the UK later this year. Akemi will also introduce 18-year-old student Sam Stocker, who is planning to fundraise for Aid For Japan when he travels to Japan this summer.

Entrance to this event is £10, which also includes a rice ball (onigiri) and Japanese sweet (dorayaki). Please click the link below to purchase a ticket.

Monday 3rd July 2017 6:30pm to 8:00pm

Haggerston School
Weymouth Terrace
London E2 8LS

£10 (via the Aid For Japan website)

JICEF will be staging their presentation from 6:30pm to 7:10pm. Aid For Japan will be talking about the charity from 7:10pm to 8:00pm.

Please note that timings and events may be subject to change.

Icons of Time: Memories of the Tsunami that Struck Japan

Icons of Time: Memories of the Tsunami that Struck Japan

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The recently restored Fitzrovia Chapel turns gallery for a photography exhibition that commemorates six years since a devastating earthquake and tsunami hit Japan’s northern coast on 11th March 2011.

Photographer Tomohiro Muda’s images are a poignant record of objects and artefacts found in the aftermath, each belonging to someone lost to the natural disaster.

The Fitzrovia Chapel is a magnificent Grade II listed building which underwent restoration work started in 2011.

The exhibition runs from 17th May to 21st May. Entry is free.

Fitzrovia Chapel
2 Pearson Square
London W1T 3BF

‘Sleeping Beauty’ Fundraiser Success!

‘Sleeping Beauty’ Fundraiser Success!

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One of the sources of Aid For Japan’s funding is from volunteers devoting their time to raise money for the charity through a variety of activities.

When Emile Goldberg was told by his daughter that her ballet school wanted to recruit him to play the part of the King in a production of Sleeping Beauty, he saw an opportunity for fundraising for Aid For Japan.

The Singapore-based Cheng Ballet Academy staged the performance of Sleeping Beauty – and Emile created a JustGiving page to coordinate the fundraising. As a result, the initiative managed to raise £2,466 for Aid For Japan.

Aid For Japan extends its warmest thanks to Emile Goldberg and also to the staff and performers at the Cheng Ballet Academy.

Thai Cooking Course Donation

Thai Cooking Course Donation

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London’s 101 Thai Kitchen recently arranged a special cooking course with proceeds going to support Aid For Japan.

The classes had been organised for people keen to learn the art of preparing Thai dishes in the style of Isaan cuisine. Isaan cuisine is much loved all over Thailand but Isaan cooking is quite different from that of any part of Thailand. The food tends to be more spicy using lots of fresh and dried chilies.

Eating in Isaan, or even in Thailand, is a very social event. Families and friends will sit on the floors and many dishes will be shared by all diners. Sticky rice is the main staple food of the Isaan, Northern and the Lao people and it is eaten throughout the day, even for breakfast!

The 101 Thai Kitchen raised £90 through this effort for Aid For Japan – funds that go to supporting the charity’s efforts in helping the orphans of the 2011 earthquake/tsunami.

Aid For Japan extends its warmest thanks to the 101 Thai Kitchen. Read more about the tasty dishes they pepare on their website:

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